A Bible Study by Christyn Taylor

Taylor Family

“The theme is ‘Beauty from Ashes’ and will look at life lessons from the book of Job that will provide an example of how to stay faithful to our Lord in the midst of our trials. Needless to say, this study is very close to my heart and I am learning so much researching and writing its curriculum. This class is perfect for anyone who has endured a difficult period of time in their life, is currently going through a trial, or will encounter an unforeseen struggle around the corner. In other words – it applies to all of us!”

Christyn Taylor

This study was taught at Oak Hills Church in the Fall of 2013. The audio lessons for this study are available to you for use by your small group or as a resource for other purposes. Christyn Taylor is the author/owner of all material on this website. Please comment if you have any questions or feedback.

Audio Lessons

Lesson 1: Life Isn’t Fair

Lesson 2: You Are Chosen

Lesson 3: Satan is Always Second

Lesson 4: When All Hell Breaks Loose

Lesson 5: Praise Through Pain

Lesson 6: Never Curse Your Creator

Lesson 7: Grief is a Given

Lesson 8:  What Not to Say

Lesson 9: You’ve Got to Have Faith

Lesson 10: Manna For the Day

Lesson 11: Lower Your Expectations

Lesson 12: Beauty From Ashes


6 thoughts on “A Bible Study by Christyn Taylor

  1. Caroline Schwenker says:

    Are the other lessons going to be put on the website in audio form? I am wanting to share this website with people that were not able to attend the class.

    • Christina says:

      Hi, Sorry I’m just getting back to you. WordPress didn’t inform me of your comment and I’m just seeing it now. I will hopefully have the rest of the audio up by Monday. Christyn was out of pocket for awhile but she has sent them to me and I’m working on it, although my computer is working very slow. I’m glad you are enjoying the study.

  2. Jenna says:

    Could you email me the link for Session 7? I cannot get it to work. Would you happen to have a preferred email address that I could sent comments and thoughts to Christyn? This study has been such a blessing to me, I would love to express my appreciation!

    • Christina says:

      Hi Jenna,
      Sorry I’m just responding. I will inform Christyn of your comment and provide her with your email address. We are still having issues with 7..sorry about that. Thank you, Christina

    • Christina says:

      Angie, I’m sorry but I’m thinking we may have to scrap this lesson. The link that was sent to me for upload isn’t working. I apologize for any inconvenience. When things calm down for Christyn and Brian I will see if they can look into the problem again, but I suspect it may be awhile.

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