Praying for Rebecca – Transplant Date Tuesday, November 11th

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Many of you probably already follow CaringBridge, but just in case you don’t here is the latest update…


To all the friends and family of Rebecca Taylor….to the many thousands who love and pray for her……

This upcoming week has been anticipated, prayed for, and put off for as long as possible!! If Rebecca can remain somewhat stable these next 3 days, she will be going to surgery Tuesday at 5:30AM for a much needed pancreatic islet cell transplant. For those who want more detail about what the surgery actually involves, Christyn posted a very succinct description of this very BIG surgery on November 4, 2014. The surgery will last anywhere from 17-20 hours!! Initially, they were told Rebecca needs at least 180,000 viable healthy islet cells to be donated from her very own pancreas for the transplant to be successful—after a week of evaluations and pretesting to prepare for surgery, they have now changed the number to 225,000 cells are needed. Once Rebecca has the surgery, the recovery involves a year or so to finish out the process of the liver functioning as a dual organ–that of a pancreas and that of a liver! So Tuesday’s surgery will be the beginning of another very long journey–but one that offers Rebecca a chance to live with a quality of life that she currently does not have with her very diseased and worn out pancreas.

Rebecca’s family and friends are beginning to arrive in Minnesota this weekend for the big day. She will have quite a cheering section there for her during surgery! For those of you who feel called to do so, it has been suggested by many that Tuesday be a day of prayer and fasting for Rebecca. Everyone is encouraged to listen to God and honor Him in going to Him on behalf of Rebecca throughout the day on Tuesday….whatever that may involve for you.

Christyn has been thinking of ALL THE MANY THINGS each of you has done for Rebecca over the years—the” praying for Rebecca” T-shirts, the pictures, signs, cards, etc etc that have been given to Rebecca for encouragement. Rebecca will not be able to “see” anyone praying for her—Christyn’s idea is that AS A SURPRISE to Rebecca, if people could use social media in some way–Facebook, text photos, etc—Christyn could sit down with Rebecca Monday evening and show her all the pictures sent in of people holding signs or whatever, saying things like “we are praying for you”….this way Rebecca could SEE the love of those back home and scattered across the globe!! For those of you who do not Facebook, you can send a picture to my email at……I will do my best to post the pics here on Caringbridge under the photo section.

Army of God, the war rages on. God is in charge. He has graciously led Rebecca and her family to this day/week….let us keep marching forward in Jesus’ Name on behalf of Rebecca and her family. Blessings to all of you…..

In the Mighty Name of Jesus we offer our prayers, petitions, and thanksgivings to God our Father, Jesus our Savior, and to the Holy Spirit Who indwells us….

Hope and healing to all those who are in Christ Jesus….

Link to Caringbridge page: Rebecca’s CaringBridge

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